If you would like to purchase a ramp:

1: First contact us to identify the most suitable type of ramp for your needs and the cost of shipping, which is never included in the prices shown.

2: Make the agreed payment choosing bewtween those options :

       – Satispay payment:  number +39.328 2149 628

       – PayPal payment: send to  belluzzo.paolo@gmail.com selecting “pay friends or trusted people”.

       – Bank transfer: pay on IBAN:  IT37R03062342100001845482 to Belluzzo Paolo, Banca Mediolanum.

In any case, through the payment send us a note specifying the same name of the buyer indicated in the form.  

3: Fill the following form, so we will have all the information necessary to send your ramp as soon as possible.  Regarding the possibility of having a child helmet, Click here for more info.

Invoicing details