Ramps Series Beta


“Prosciutto” is our ramp dedicated to the little ones.

Easily transportable even by children because it is small, light and equipped with wheels.

We have designed it so small, essential, and simple just for those children who want to learn to jump, but have never tried it before.

The minimum size of only 14 cm truly allows a start in complete safety, and afterwards, they can have fun with more exciting heights.

The height can be easily adjusted to 14, 22 or 30 cm, just unscrew a knob.

It goes from closed to open by acting only on a knob, therefore super-fast to use.

When closed it measures only 57 * 43 * 14cm.

If desired, it’s easy to carry also on bike, thanks to padded shoulder straps (optional)

Length: 114 cm

Width: 40 cm

Minimum height: 14 cm

Maximum height: 30 cm

Weight: 6kg

Ideal from 3 to 11 years

Attention: not for adults, max weight (rider + bike: 80 kg)

rampa mtb bambini ramoon rampe
rampa mtb bambini ramoon rampe chiusa
rampa mtb bambini ramoon rampe


La first Ramoon Rampe’s 100% portable ramp.  

Easy to carry also on bike, thanks to padded shoulder straps included

Lenght: 180 cm

Minimum high: 35 cm

Maximum high: 65 cm

Weight: 15kg

Ideal from 6 to 50 years

(Carry on from 12 years)

rampa calzone, in spalla
rampa per saltare ramoon rampe calzone, chiusa.
rampa calzone, aperta


+ Salamino is an extension for the calzone ramp that adds +60 cm in length and +25 cm in maximum height to the ramp.

The feet of the + salami are widened to have a wider support surface, which improves stability.

Like the calzone, it is transportable on the back and has its own carrying straps, so it is necessary to be two people to carry both the calzone and the salami. This is what we mean by “sharing our passions”.

Total length: 240 cm

Maximum height: 90 cm

Weight: 8 kg

Ideal from 14 to 50 years

Attention: in the photos you can see the + Salamino already installed with the Calzone ramp to demonstrate the final result. Keep in mind that + Salamino only corresponds to the last module, highlighted in the photo below.

Take a look an all detais.

settable inclination.

You can build your perfect jump changing hight and angle between second and third module. 

rampa calzone, aperta
rampa calzone, variazione incurvatura
Altezza regolabile a passi da 6 cm. Per imparare in sicurezza

La rampa Calzone è composta da tre moduli. Montata interamente permette di variare l’altezza finale da 35 a 65 cm.

Ogni piede è indipendente ed è facilmente impostabile all’altezza desiderata, senza attrezzi.

Inoltre, è anche possibile escludere il terzo modulo, e così si ottiene una piccola rampa con altezza 20 cm. Ideale per aiutare i più piccoli a prendere confidenza con il salto. 

rampa calzone, aperta

La struttura in multistrato di betulla con sbarrette metalliche ispirata alle strutture a traliccio la rende molto resistente nonostante il peso molto  più leggero rispetto alle rampe alpha.

facilmente smontabile e trasportabile