Ramoon Rampe per saltare, per tutti.

Big ramps and Special ramps for specific disciplines

Ramp JET 180!

For MTB / Dirtbike / bmx Slopestyle

The Ramp JET 180 is our biggest jumping ramp.

It can be configured in two ways: 115 cm tall or 180 cm tall, to satisfy beginners and experts too.

JET 180 is 102 cm wide in the rolling surface, and it’s 2 meters wide in the basement, for super safety.

Built with CNC machines for the best precision and easy assembly.

You can assembly and disassebly without limits, thans to a design without wood panel screws.

Developed for lng and middle term installation.

Less than 1 hour is required  for the installation.

Main body structure is fully painted and made with high thickness marine plywood..

Rolling surface made by selected larch wood; thickness 27 mm.

Iron entry module.

A specific landing equipment is recommended (airbag or similar)

-Easy to split in two elements, for a simply carry on vans, and to be able to install in one of the two possible height (115 or 180cm).


Lenght: 240/280cm

High: 115/180cm 

Wide: 102 cm on rolling surface; 200 cm on basement.

rolling radius: 300 cm.

Rampa slopestyle, dirt bike
Rampa Jet Ramoon rampe
Rampa slopestyle, dirt bike
Rampa slopestyle, dirt bike
Rampa slopestyle, dirt bike

Ramp JET 115!

For MTB / Dirtbike / bmx Slopestyle

Ramp JET 115 is just the first part of the Jet180 ramp. so, just the last part is missing..

ideal for beginners or who don’t like jumps too big.

All other features are same

Anyway, all Jet 115 can became a Jet 180 just adding the last module.


Lenght: 240 cm

High: 115 cm 

Wide: 102 cm on rolling surface; 200 cm on basement.

Rolling radius: 300cm.

ramoon rampe, rampa jet115
Rampa slopestyle, dirt bike

Do you need the airbag too?

An airbag lander is the most safe and fun way to jump with our ramps JET 115 and Jet 180.

We love airbags from DD Airbags (www.ddairbag.com ).

for the JET 115, we selected model Junior next step:  3,5 foot tall  (107 cm), it’s the best option also for begginners who never jumped before, because it’s a little lower than our ramp.

For the Jet180 we suggest model  Pro lander Next Step:  6,5 foot tall ( 200cm) 

But many other models are available. Sure you can find the best for your tricks.

We don’t sell directly the airbags. You can buy it form DD Airbags.

Remember to tell you are a Ramoon Rampe’s customer to get a special discount code

Rampa Jet Ramoon rampe
dd airbags

Ramp Speck!

For Freestyle high jump

Special ramp designed for Freestyle High jump competition.

Attention: this ramp follow italian rules.  See your local rules to check if measures are same in your country.

-Rolling surface made with CORTEN-iron.(Special iron strong and weather resistant)

-Body made by marine plywood

-Divisible in two sections for an easy transport on cars

-Hidden wheels helps when need to move it.

Dimensions: 144 x 92 x 45 cm

Speck rampa freestyle pattinaggio high jump
vista inferiore rampa speck Ramoon rampe
Speck rampa freestyle pattinaggio high jump
ruote a scomparsa rampa Speck freestyle roller
Giunzione rampa Speck per -high Jump freestyle