Trying to pursue a slightly green philosophy, we avoid printing paper that is not strictly necessary. We recorded an instruction video visible on youtube.

Click here to see the instruction video for the Alpha series:  

Click here to see the instruction video for the Beta series:

The capricciosa belongs to the Alpha range, and therefore can become shorter or longer by varying the number of central modules. This ramp is also more suitable for learning to jump, because it allows a minimum jump, in “up & down” mode, of only about 11 cm. So, just for everyone.

It also allows a greater variability of configurations compared to the Calzone.

I recommend it especially for those who have a large garden, or a place to use it very close to home. In fact it is movable thanks to the wheels, but for a few meters. It is NOT transportable by bicycle. But it can be transported by car.

The Calzone, on the other hand, is lighter and is designed to be transportable by bicycle.

It is not extendable, and therefore will always be 180Cm long. With this ramp the minimum jump is about 20 Cm. We consider it the most suitable for children over 12, who already know how to jump, and want to do it in the public park, for example.


All the ALPHA ramps (Margherita, Capricciosa and Diavola) have in common the same initial module and the same final module. what varies is only the number of central modules, and the legs supplied.

To switch from a daisy to a whimsical one, it will be sufficient to purchase a central module and dedicated legs.

The prices in the price list never include shipping.

For Alpha ramps, it costs 30 €

For the calzone ramp, it costs 25 €

For shipments of multiple ramps, contact us for an accurate quote.

We ship to Italy with SDA. Generally the package arrives in Italy the day after sending. in some cases it takes 2 days.
For shipments outside Italy please contact us.

Often yes, but other times it is necessary to wait a few days.

In general, we always manage to ship within 7 days of the request. For safety we advise you to notify us with 7-15 days notice.