Ramoon Rampe per saltare, per tutti.

Let's have fun, but safely

Only for those who buy an item from us, we can provide a full-face helmet like the one our son Mattia uses.

It is a child’s helmet, nice and qualitatively not bad. It is not padded and sturdy like professional downhill helmets, but on the other hand it is more comfortable to wear, even for a long time and without bothering. On amazon.it it is around € 54-57. Click here to see all the details.

We can give it to you for only 45 €. We do not make profit on this item. This is just a favor we do to our friends, because we care about them having fun in safety. It is a model for children, for head circumference from 52 to 56 CM.

Some might say that it is a cheap product of not very high quality. We think it is much better than a standard open helmet anyway.

If you are interested, do not forget to select the appropriate item in the “buy” section of the site.


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