Ramoon Rampe per saltare, per tutti.

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Rampa slopestyle, dirt bike
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NEW Ramps JET!
Big ramps for very high jumps! To combine with a landing airbag. For long or middle long installations,
Parabolic curve "Patatosa"
A solid, self-supporting and economical parabolic curve; thanks to the use of pallets.
Regulatory skating ramps
Ramps Beta
Light & 100% portable, Ideal for having fun far from home.
Ramps Alpha
Perfect for bike schools, big private gardens, skate
Tilting tables
Ideal for younger training.
Table Top
The perfect junction to build a perfect and safe jump!
Bike Stand " 4 cheese"
Good at home, and in the van too!
Manual Machine
Our tool to learn manual, staying away from traffic roads.
for those who enjoy going down the stairs
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Why to choose Ramoon?

Our ramps are ideal to learn jumping safely ,  but also to make longer and higher jumps. 

In all our ramps is possible to set the adjustment amplitude and the height with a wide range, which is impossible to find in other famous brands.

It’s always possible to disassembly and reconfigure just with your hands, no tools needed. 

Our ramps are hand-made, using Plywood panel built exclusively with birch wood, glued for exteriors, also called “Carply” or “web-brown”.

It’s the best material choice for our ramps, because:

  • It’s humidity and rain proof.
  • It’s very strong.
  • The surface is very rough. This means that it’s safe even when wet.

Strong and stable, designed to last over time.

Some feedback from our friends:

"...Con una rampa Ramoon il divertimento in bici è assicurato! Facile e veloce da montare, facilmente trasportabile grazie alle piccole ruote in fondo alla rampa e smontabile velocemente grazie a dei pomelli.... "
"....è l'occasione per saltare ovunque e divertirsi ovunque, Sia che siate dei rider esperti, o che siate alle prime armi...."
" Ciaooooo!!!! Ti comprerei un’altra rampa Diavola!! 😁 [...] perché la voglio regalare al figlio di una mia amica, che fa la comunione e si è innamorato della nostra!!! 👍🏼 "
Mamma di due ragazzi fortissimi!

Our mission

Ramoon ramps makes ramps that are safe and adaptable for everyone.
All of our ramps are suitable for kids as well as for most daring sportsmen and women.
Our ramps have an inclination variability and height adjustability that you won't easily find elsewhere.
We don't pay too much attention to insignificant details, because we make ramps for jumping, not ornaments.
But we guarantee you the solidity you need, the variability you want and the fun you dream of, at a friendly price.

rampa ramoon rampe, disegno 3D

Do you think it is not sturdy?

The first testers of our ramps are always ourselves, and we have subjected them to far more rigorous tests than is necessary.

We went up an Alpha ramp with a car (watch the video here) and we jumped on the Calzone with the trial bikes too. So we have no doubts about the solidity of our structures.

Do you think it is dangerous?

Potentially they are, of course. Especially if we think about children, it is more than normal to have doubts about it. But all children who learn to jump off a ramp gain greater self-esteem, and a bike riding skill that will make you feel much more relaxed when they want to try more complex trails, or even bike parks.

However, these are equipment that approach disciplines such as enduro and downhill. So we always recommend taking advantage of the wide adjustability of our ramps starting from the most “easy” settings, and wearing full-face helmets.

If you don’t have one for your child, we can provide you the same helmets that we also use at a great price. They are nice helmets that have the advantage of being less padded in the chin area, so they can be used all day without discomfort, like a normal open helmet, but it will always be much safer than a normal open helmet. In addition, the chin guard is detachable, so it also becomes a normal standard helmet. (children’s size only, approx. 5 to 14 years). Click HERE for more detailed information

We are not a team. We are a family

We make our ramps in the manufactory lab beside our home.

We make it with passion, because those who jump on our ramps are our friends, and we love them. 

foto famiglia ramoon Rampe
Mattia & Giacomo

Testers & Heckler children 😂

Mattia and Giacomo are our two kids. They also are the main reason why Ramoon rampe exists. They were the first ramp’s testers.  Frequently they come in our laboratory to help (and destroy 😂 )


Maker, Owner, Designer

Since always Paolo is a fan of MTB, EMTB, and DIY.

Some friends call him “jump” for obvious reasons, but he doesn’t think to be a pro “jumper”.

Paolo is the designer and maker, and the contact you need  to refer for any questions you have. (about ramps, of course !)


Without her we couldn’t start that dream… so, Thanks to her! 😂