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Kids Bike Track: The playground for pedal learning

Kids Bike Track

The Bike track perfect For Childrens.

Our  Kids Bike track is composed by combinations of “minipump” and other tools. 

This kind of kids track satisfies the need of those who need to set up a small safe pump track for children or teenagers, which is smaller than the classic pump tracks.

Being certified according to the EN 1176-1 standard, it is equivalent to a structure for a public playground.

Our modules are 61 cm wide (or on request, also 101 cm). enough to practice the discipline safely, but not excessive to allow for a simple and cheap transport.

The structures are made of 100% plastic material with UV filters suitable for outdoor use. Exactly the same used in modern playground structures. It is worked with CNC machines.

This is to ensure you an excellent level product, free from any maintenance.

The maximum height of 25 Cm makes it safe even for the little ones. 

All surfaces are characterized by a slight roughness which ensures good grip for the tires.

Our Pump track is intended as a single short exercise, which can also be included in a more complex path. We do not produce the parabolic turns because  we prefer to leave the path open with the freedom to entry and exit from the path in any position. In this way the problem of overtaking is solved, which in the standard pump tracks (which have a closed path), are almost impossible.

Do you have 60 seconds?  just see our video here below (turn on english subtitles)

Minipump track by ramoon rampe
mini pump track
Minipump Surface
slight roughness which ensures good grip for the tires
Kids Bike Track
Suitable for sport events, as also for fixed installations
North shore Ramoon
New 2024: the new module "turn" allow to build multiple combinations.
North shore Ramoon

Available With As Many waves As You Want!

Our minipump can be as long as you want. We recommend at least 3 humps if you want to teach the technique, but you can also get only one, as it is also possible to extend the minipump by adding one or more humps later.

MiniPump Evo 1 onda
mini pump track
Kids bike track Ramoon rampe
Example track 18x28 meters
kids bike track
Example track 10x20 meters
struttura bike skill park
The basic tool "roof" create the simplest and safer jump for each child who want to test his skill.
struttura bike skill park Ponte
The tool "bridge" is the simplest "north shore" you can build. joining with "turn" and adding multiple extension, you can build any track you want.
Example of possible combinations.

Thanks to the new module “Turn” , it’s now possible to build multiple different variations. 

North shore Ramoon

Our MiniPump Evo is certified according to EN 1176 , and is equivalent to structures for play packs. So no problem even for installations intended for public use. 

Particularly recommended for:

  • Cycling schools – mtb – bmx. both for continuous use and for off-site events.
  • Hotels-residences-tourist villages: it can create a new type of playground. 
  • Public or private playgrounds: Something new beyond the usual swings, slides, and rides.
  • Condominiums: Thanks to its small size, you don’t need an area too large to host a short path, and it can create a meeting place for kids.

This version of the Minipump has 120 cm long modules. So each full bump is 240cm long.

It is supplied with brackets for fixing to the ground, and due to the material used it has a higher value than the Minipump for private use.

Minimum recommended configuration: 3 bumps.

Estimates on request.