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The small Pump track for childrens, Easy to move

Our MiniPump track satisfy who need a simple pump track, safe for childs or youth, with smaller dimensions compared to standard modular pump track.

Our modules are 57 CM wide; it’s enough to practice in safety, but not too much in order to be able to move it without to need a truck for transfer it.

The body is made with special  Plywood panel built exclusively with birch wood, glued for exteriors, also called “Carply” or “web-brown”. and cut by CNC or Laser Machinery .

Curved Surfaces are 100%  PVC,and then, any weather resistant. 

Screws are stainless steel, and metallic borders are stainless steel too or aluminium. 

The five different modules available can build multiple combinations that can adapt from very your to also eaget childs.

Anyway, all the modules are strong enough to carry also adults.

The maximum height of 25 Cm only make it safe also for youngest childs.


dettagli modulo pump track
Detail of the definitive version.
5 moduli pump track
The five different modules

some of the possible combinations

Thanks to five different modules, is possible to build standard pump line of 25 or 31 cm high, or also different tracks with jumps or small flat zones.

combinazioni pump track modulare
The five different modules and some possible combinations.
Pump track modulare
Foto made on firts prototype, not 100% completed.
combinazioni pump track modulare
Some combinations.
Pump track modulare
Example of combination made with 5 "Bump", 1 "top" 1 "Jump" and 2 "InOut". Total lenght 680 Cm
altezze moduli pump track
Just to show the ifference beteen 25 CM or 31 CM high.
Pump track modulare
Jump realized with: InOunt + Jump25 + Bump25

Module dimensions

Width: 57 cm

Pump top height : 25 or 31 cm

Dimensions are in Millimeters.

dimensioni pump track modulare

See Our Video.

Pump track modulare
Esempio d'uso con bicicletta da 24"