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Our Products

series Alpha Ramps

– The ramp that belong to Alpha family  is a ramp that could have 2, 3 or 4 modules. It’s equipped with wheels to move it easily, It’s very sturd, and it’s 80 cm wide. 

Ideal for who has a big garden, and who want to make small and big jumps.

Easy to load and carry by car, because simple to disassemble in piece of 60*80 Cm without tools.

It’s also possible to extend or reduce the ramp changing the number of middle modules. (0,1 or 2)

Series Beta Ramps

The ramp that belong to Beta family  is a ramp lighter than Alpha.

It’s 40 or 57 Cm wide, depend by the version, and it has the big advantage to be foldable and carryable on shoulders like a backpack. So, you can load it and reach your jumping site with your bike.

rampa trasportabile ramoon rampe, modello calzone
manual machine ramoon rampe
combinazione salto mtb ramoon rampe
scalinata mtb bike skill zone

Special products/Custom

Ramoon Rampe don’t make only ramps.

We also have many other items to increase your fun!

It’s also possible to customize your ramp according to your needs.

Visit this website section to see all things we produce.